Big Bend – Day 1

What a start to Big Bend…… I woke up at the usual time around 7:30am, hopped out of the Van for a pee, only to find my Tyre had changed shape overnight and was now completely flat along the bottom! One of those things you don’t really want to see when you’re 1h from the main gate of the park and 2h from the nearest town, but I have a spare so would deal with it after breakfast and more importantly coffee.


Then I noticed two blisters on my arm, which were quite alarming as I hadn’t burnt it last night so could only be from a bug bite and the only bug bites I knew that produced blisters were from the Brown recluse spider and that was bad news… being the optimist I am, I got out my phone and googled “bug-bites that produce blisters” I knew I couldn’t have been bitten by a Brown recluse (or at least I hoped..). So up pops my google search and there are a few links, of-coarse a couple mention the Brown recluse, but then in the images that google often likes to give with your search was a blister that looked exactly like mine. So I clicked on the image and it took me to a page that was talking about Blister Beetles so I quickly google them and up pops an image of a beetle that looked allot like the ones I was squashing last night in my van (my fly-net on the door doesn’t work so great). Well turns out these beetles produce an acid that gives humans blisters so your not meant to let them get on your skin or squash them….oops, but atleast not life threatening so I went on with getting breakfast sorted.


My next challenge for the day was to Macgyver my single burner propane stove so that my little coffee pot could sit on it and brew me some coffee. So armed with some steel wire and a pocket knife I went to work..

Success I could now brew me a full coffee to get me through the rest of the day.. Next up I got to test out my shower for the first time (as the park ones were closed due to the improvement works), which consists of a spring open change tent, bamboo bath mat and 12V shower head + pump combo that plus into the car power outlet.

The shower actually worked quite well, the shower pump just sits in a bucket of water and all you do is plug it in and turn it on and wallah out comes water from the shower head. I was very impressed with the pressure from the shower, it honestly was better than I was expecting from something that cost me US$19.99 on amazon.

To be Continued….

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