Drive To Big Bend

The drive the rest of the way to Big Bend was pretty cool, The landscape changed quite dramatically, it’s definitely starting to look more like the desert; trees turned to shrubs and bushes, with nothing taller than a couple of meters, large wide open canyons/gorges (I’m not sure what to call them I wasn’t great with geography) cut into white sandstone looking rock. Then on top of that oil wells were scattered all around, which I smelt before I saw; Was pretty cool seeing the pumps up close and not just on the TV screen. Then to top it all of there were masses of wind farms on the tops of the cliffs. It was kind-of ironic, in the foreground oil being pumped out of the ground and in the background renewable wind generation.



After a short stop in Fort Stockton, I began the journey south into the park; nothing too exciting until you get closer to the park, allot of ranches and a few small towns. I could see the mountains in the distance and as I got closer and my excitement was building.


Big Bend Entry


I entered the Park with still another hour to the campsite (did I mention this place is huge) I turned a few bends and was greeted by one of the most amazing views, a storm over the top of one of the large mountains, sunlight streaming through, I had to stop and take a picture!



I continued on to Rio Grande Campground, only to find it was shut, so I backtracked to the Rio Grande Store which was closed for the night, but had some signage which informed me that the campground was closed for some works until September, by this time it was pretty late, so I pulled into the RV hookup sites which only had one RV in it and another car and just parked in one of the RV bays and would sort it in the morning. It also managed to get the wifi from the store which was a plus as there is no cell service.

I’m really excited for what Big Bend has in store for me :-).



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