Drive to El Paso – Part 2

I slept in a little in the morning, making the most of having a hotel room, and left to continue to El Paso at about 10:30am. I first have an hour drive to Van Horn to get a tyre for my Spare, a little nervous having no spare still I head off.


I made it to Van Horn with no trouble, even though it would have to be the worst quality road I have driven on yet. I get to work trying to find me a second hand tyre for the spare, but after visiting every tyre/car shop in town I had no luck. So I bit the bullet and bought a new one, the cheapest place ended up being the NAPA store so I bought one for about USD$94 and took it to the guy down the street who installed it for USD$10. I had to wait a little bit as he had a couple to do before me so I went for a bit of a walk around town. A couple of things I have noticed driving accross Texas is every town no matter how small has something; alpine had Sul Ross, Marfa had the crazy arts scene and the Marfa Lights, Van horn has the Hotel El Capitan etc. the other thing I like is that allot of the shop and bilboard signage is still painted by hand.


World Famous Hotel El Capitan

The rest of the drive was pretty straightforward, when I got to El Paso I got the oil changed and hung out at starbuck for a Little bit then moved on to Las Cruces to spend the night.

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