First night in the Van

Location: Camp Creek Recreation Area, Marble Falls TX
Address: 1221 County Road 343
Marble Falls, TX 78654
GPS: 30.565924, -98.187904
Cost: Free
Facilities: Waterless restroom, boat ramp, picnic tables, camp BBQ’s.


I had the night off from camp last night so thought I would take the van for its first adventure and test out the setup. My plan was originally to go to Colorado bend state park, which is about 1 to 1.5 hours from camp, unfortunately I got side-tracked in Walmart and it was about 9:45pm before I was packed and ready to go. I was determined to spend a night in the Van, so I did a quick Google and found Camp Creek Recreation area about 10 minutes down the road; free and close by, perfect.

So I hit the road; this was my first time driving the van at night overall I’m pretty happy with the stock lights on the van, was considering adding some LED driving/flood lights to the van but may not need them.

A few km’s (yes km’s I refuse to give into the senseless imperial system) down Farm Road 1431 I easily found County Road 343, the recreation area is signposted just before the turnoff to the road so you can’t miss it.

I arrived at the recreation area to find plenty of space for me to park for the night, there were only a few other people there and most were camping in the designated camping area. After a short drive around, I found myself a flat piece of ground and parked. I quickly went about setting up my bed and settled in for the night.

First thoughts on the van: laying down on the fold down bed I can barely fit perpendicularly, my feet touch the opposite wall (not great for a taller person, I’m only 175cm) so I ended up sleeping on a diagonal, which gave me plenty of room to spread out and was actually quite comfortable, a little on the hard side so might invest in a foam topper. Overall I’m very impressed with my investment.



I slept pretty well, but woke pretty early in the morning, around 6:30am. After a quick breakfast, raisin bran with milk, I set off to explore the Area. I was surprised to find the recreation area was allot larger than I had thought last night when I arrived. There plenty of space to pitch a tent or park your car; I can’t image it ever getting full.

The recreation area is quite tranquil and picturesque, situated on the bank of Lake Travis, with lots of green grassy areas under trees to set up camp and find refuge from the hot sun. There’ are also quite a few designated campsites with picnic benches and camp BBQ’s. The toilet block was reletively new and looked pretty good from the outside, I didn’t visit it during my stay (one of the benifits of being a male..).

I didn’t do any exploring outside of the rec. area as there wasn’t really anywhere to go, privite property one side, a lake and stream along the others. All in all a nice little spot to set up camp if you find yourself in or near Marble Fall TX and need a place stay. In the morning I suggest Numinous Coffee Roastery for your morning coffee, on the right just as you come into Marble Falls. Great coffee and fast internet.


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