Moab Day 2 – Off-Roading in the Jeep

This morning I didn’t do too much just hung round the hostel and did some work on my laptop until it was time to meet up with Jeff to go 4x4ing. I met Jeff at the gas station just down the road, jumped in the jeep with him and we headed off to the first trail, Devils Gate or Hell’s Revenge.

The Rig
The Rig

To Begin with you climb up the ridge of a Sandstone fin not allot wider than the car with a sharp rather large drop down either side.

Entrance To Hell's Gate
Entrance To Hell’s Gate

The track twists and turns across the slick-rock, with some rather steep ascents and descents It was so much fun and felt completely comfortable and confident in Jeff’s abilities and completely amazed with the Jeeps abilities. At times I was sure the nose was going to plow straight into the rocks, but the nose never touched, some of the climbs I swear were vertical and the jeep just powered along.

Hell's Gate

One of the Climbs, we followed the track to the left… or should I say wall
At the Top - Hell's Gate
At the Top
View from the top - Hell's Gate
View from the top over the Colorado River
Where we were headed next.
A couple of jeeps from one of the Tour companies, you get to follow in your own jeep if you like.
Hell's Gate
Down into Hell’s Gate
And Back up, we skipped Hell’s Gate because jeff didn’t have a spotter and had only done it a couple of times
Going Down
Going Down, told you they got steep
and Back up
Bathtub - Hell's Revenge
One of the Bathtubs, we skipped these also
and Up… yep it’s just a wall!
View from the top
and back down…

You get the idea haha. Next was the Steel Bender track and guess what…. Jeff let me drive it, well he drove the first bit which was just a dirt trail that crisscrossed a stream for a few k’s. When it got to the fun stuff Jeff got out and let me get behind the wheel!! The hardest part at first was keeping a steady speed, every time I hit bumps and the jeep would start bouncing around, my foot would be bouncing on and off the accelerator pedal. Jeff gave me two fixes, first was to use the brakes control the speed (not very good for me as I’m used to a manual, so I’m not very good with the left foot braking) the other to rest the side of my foot on the  sidewall and lever onto the accelerator pedal from there, which helped allot. I think Jeff was pretty impressed considering it was my first time ever offroading. He  even let me do one of the hardest obstacles at the end, up and down which was awesome!!

Why go round when you can go over haha
Very happy man
It makes it very easy to look at where your wheel is going when you don’t have proper doors

Concentration no time to smile.. I’m surprised my tongues not out..
Remember how I said he let me do that hard obstacle at the end… well this is it
Ready to go
Up we go
and Back down

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