Taos to Heron Lake

The drive from Taos to Heron Lake was full of surprises. First was the Rio Grande gorge Bridge an arch bridge that spans across the Rio Grande Gorge, I stopped here for a little bit and went for a wander, it was pretty sweet standing on the bridge and looking down into the gorge.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge NM

Next not long after leaving the bridge I stumbled across Earthship Biotecture community, these crazily designed houses are made from natural and up-cycled materials, the main one being rammed tyres which a friend of mine had told me about a few years ago. I stopped and had a gander, unfortunately the visitor center was shut so I couldn’t take a look inside, but I believe some of the buildings can be rented. They were very intriguing indeed, some looking like they had greenhouses inside them and lots of hatches and windows that opened I assume to make the most of natural ventilation instead of AC. I would’ve loved to take a look inside.

Earthship BIotecture Taos
Earthship BIotecture Taos
Earthship BIotecture Taos
Earthship BIotecture Taos

for the next few miles there were more and more of these crazy houses.
Next I entered the Carson National Forrest which was a beautiful drive, then I came round one corner and had this amazing view of the valley bellow, sun beaming through rain on the mountains in the distance.

Sun Through the rain

Then I left the Carson national park… and the road turned to shit easily the worst kept road I have been on so far, but I made it to Heron lake (which was my stop for the night) without a flat haha. I stopped at the Blanco Campground.

Location:Blanco Campground Heron Lake NM
Address: NM-95, Los Ojos, NM 87551
GPS: 36.692402, -106.656725
Cost: $15 ( for non hookup I think)
Facilities: Restroom with shower, picnic tables, camp BBQ’s, full RV hookup, hiking

The campsite was pretty nice, nestled in among the trees. Another self pay, but they do take reservations. It seemed pretty popular with lots of RV’s there was also lake access with a boat ramp just down the road at the Marina. The next morning I got up and going pretty early, first stop the Heron Dam also down the road. It wasn’t a very exciting Dam but the lake looked spectacular, sun was out and nearly a millpond it made me really wish I had a boat so I could go water skiing.

Blanco Campsite
Campsite – Blanco Campground
Heron Lake
Heron Lake