Page and Kanab

In the morning I checked out Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. Unfortunately the lift was broken so I couldn’t go down into the power plant, but it was still amazing to see and learn about. Such an engineering feat considering it was built in the 1950’s. I will also be hitting up Hoover Dam so hopefully I can go down into the power plant then.

Glen Canyon Dam

Lake Powell
Lake Powell

The next stop I planned on hiking into The Wave just out of Kanab in Utah after about an hour of driving on red, wash-boarded dirt roads I arrived at the trail-head. There wasn’t allot of information about the wave trail and it was later in the day so I went and asked a couple who had just come out of the trail. They informed me that you had to enter a ballot to hike to the wave, at this point the Ranger turned up. I had a chat to her for a bit, and apparently only 20 people a day can do the wave hike, 10 passes are allocated online months in advance and the other 10 are drawn the day before at 9am bingo ball style. Oops my research, which involved seeing a photo of the wave and its location and thinking that looks cool ill do that, didn’t tell me this, so I headed into Kanab.

On the road to The Wave
View on the Way back out
This little Coyote ran across the road in front of me

As I had a Skype interview in a couple of days and being the biggest town in the area I stayed two nights, it was also the location of the Wave ticket office, so each morning I put my name down but was unlucky :-(.

On the second day I visited Best Friends Animal Society a massive animal sanctuary just outside of Kanab where they rescue animals, mostly dogs and cats. I was hoping to get a bit of a Dog fix, but on the tour you only got to spend time with one dog. The tour was interesting though and inspiring to see what they were doing. They are working with shelters all over the country to try to help reduce the amount of animals going into shelters, as well as leading a no-kill initiative. After that I headed to the Coral pink sand dunes which were these amazing orange-red dunes, I wandered around there for a while before heading back to kanab.

While I waited for my tour at Best Friends I managed to finally snap a hummingbird in action

After my interview the next day I headed to the Grand canyon.