Los Angeles

I got to the hostel in LA around 8pm, after spending the whole day in Joshua tree. I hadn’t booked into the Hostel but had called ahead to make sure they had bed for me. The hostel I was staying at was called The Anderson Estates and was the cheapest I could find in LA at the time, was about USD$22 a night and had alright reviews.

The Anderson Estates was interesting, it is this massive mansion in the middle of small basic brick houses in a not so fancy area. All the rooms have been filled with bunks, but the strange part is that allot of the original furnishings and paintings and stuff are still in the house. So all the bunks sit about a foot off the wall with these very ornate paintings and mirrors hanging on the walls and statues and things sitting in corners. Overall the it was a pretty nice place, nice big pool in the backyard, a bit of a party hostel though with music pumping out of the stereo into the backyard (I’m not sure how they get away with it as the hostel is surrounded on all sides by houses). It honestly reminded me of a frat house from the movies.

The Anderson Estates
The Front
The Pool

The next morning I got up and after enjoying some free breakfast went off to see some sights. My first stop was Hollywood Boulevard or more importantly the Hollywood walk of disappointment…. I actually don’t understand the hype, the whole thing is trashy, dirty, unorganised and overall pretty unimpressive. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal to get your star there, but nether the  less I wandered up and down looking for names that I actually knew. I also didn’t realise fictional characters could get a stars.

Next stop was the Griffith Observatory; I enjoyed this stop allot more, great views over LA and the Hollywood hills as well some cool things on display. I wish I could’ve seen a show in the planetarium but was meeting up with an old friend from university later.

Griffith Observatory


Downtown LA

After that I met up with my mate from Uni who had just recently moved to Redondo Beach, LA. We went out for dinner and drank way too much so I crashed on his couch, I then canceled my reservation at the hostel, for which I got no money back because they came up with some bul#$% excuse and said it would’ve cost the same for the two nights because the rate would’ve been different, but I didn’t mind because this was the view from my new accom.

The next day I checked out some more of the sites in LA.

Santa Monica, which I quite liked. It was pretty quiet when I was there(I assume it was the  timing of when I was there). I walked down from where I parked the car and came out at the famous Muscle Beach, I spent a bit of time here messing around on the equipment and watching other people messing about, it was quite entertaining.

I then took a wander along the beach to the Santa Monica pier. It was pretty cool and surreal to see up-close.

Santa Monica Pier

Since it was such a nice day I decided to go for a swim. So I took all my stuff back to the car and changed into my boardies. I headed to a spot near the pier cause the small waves were breaking slightly better there and who can resist the backdrop. When I finally got to the water (the beaches are huge here), I notices the lifeguard on duty paddling a Kracka Surf Mal that looked very familiar, kracka is and Australian Board Brand and the board he was paddling used to be one of the guys from my Surf club back home, Half Moon Bay. So I went up and started chatting to him. He then then gave the board to me and grabbed the Lifesaving Mal, we Caught a few shories before he had to go back on duty. It was allot fun getting out on a Surf Mal for again and catching some waves and crazy that halfway around the world I find a board from back home.

Santa Monica Beach

On the way back to Redondo Beach I stopped off at Venice beach…. Similar to Hollywood I don’t understand the hype, The place is littered with tourists, smoke/Vape shops, medical marijuana shops, souvenir shops and whole lot of homeless and people that want to try and make a buck off you. I definitely wouldn’t want to go swimming there, even with just a towel and t-shirt on the beach I would be scared it would go missing if I wen’t into the water.

That concluded my sightseeing in LA overall nothing amazing but still worth seeing in the flesh. Most flights into the states go through LAX so worth a stopover.